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About Us

Actually, this page should have been titled About Me; there is no us!  My name is Robert Murray, and Omicron Research Institute is basically a one-man operation consisting of me alone!  I wrote the QuanTek program, and before that its predecessor StockEval, entirely on my own.  I am beginning to wonder if a program like QuanTek could even be written by a team of people working together.  It would probably be impossible.

I have a Ph.D. in Theoretical Particle Physics from UT-Austin.  Many theoretical physicists have gone into Finance, due to some of the very arcane mathematical calculations that are required in that field.  Personally, I think the mathematics of Stochastic Processes and Time Series Analysis is even more demanding than that required in Particle Physics!  I have gone over a lot of math trying to find the right ideas to use in the QuanTek program, so I think all the mathematical and scientific training has paid off. 

I have been interested in stock trading since 1988. In 1994 I passed the Series 7 and Series 63 stockbroker license exams.  Originally I was interested solely in Technical Analysis, since it reminded me a lot of the behavior of complex dynamical systems in Physics. But then I delved deeply into the mathematics of Stochastic Processes and Quantitative Finance, and then I realized the principles of Technical Analysis might not be so well-founded after all. So now my focus in the QuanTek program is the use of Adaptive Filters to enable short-term traders and long-term investors to maximize returns on their stock portfolios while minimizing risk, using the best ideas available from the Econometrics of financial markets

My goal is to write the most effective Econometrics program possible, to be used for short-term trading and long-term investing decisions, based only on the best and most sound scientific and mathematical principles available.  I would also like to try to make the QuanTek program into a bona-fide tool for scientific research. The main focus of the QuanTek program is the use of Adaptive Filters to make a future price projection and compute effective trading rules. The QuanTek program also incorporates many popular technical indicators to aid in trading decisions. There are many statistical tests incorporated into the QuanTek program to test these various trading rules and techniques. I want the QuanTek program to be up to the highest scientific standards, as well as being a useful trading tool for the real-world investor or trader.