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QuanTek Econometrics Software

Download QuanTek here!

You may download the latest QuanTek version here and run it on your Windows computer.  

Demonstration version: The demo version is fully functional, except for the ability to download real stock data, and becomes the fully functional version once activated with an Authorization Key. To try out the demo version of QuanTek, after downloading and installing the program, upon startup you will be greeted by an Enter Pass Code dialog box, where you enter your Pass Code (if you have one). Click the Authorize button which takes you to the Authorization Key dialog, where you enter your Authorization Key. If you do not have one, just click Close and you can try out QuanTekwithout a license. You can try out QuanTek using the Samples stock data files that you can download here. To create data files and download stock data from Yahoo, MetaStock, or TeleChart, you need to purchase a license from Omicron Research Institute.

System Requirements: QuanTek is designed to run on Windows 7 or higher. The development computer is running 8.0 GB of RAM on an i7 processor, so this can be taken as a minimum recommended system. To verify that QuanTek runs correctly on your system, you can download and run the demo program.

Screen Requirements: The QuanTek program was designed for a minimum screen resolution of 1280 by 1024 pixels. It is recommended that this resolution or higher be used to run the program, especially in the vertical direction, otherwise the Dialog Bar will be cut off, and there won't be enough room to display the graphs.

Future Plans: For the next several versions of QuanTek we would like to try to develop a new Adaptive Wavelet filter to replace the current Linear Prediction filter, which is not adaptive. This project is still ongoing. We will be posting a series of beta versions while we tweak and update the filters and other routines in the program.

Note: The Yahoo version of QuanTek uses free Yahoo data and also doubles as a Yahoo data downloader.

Click here to download QuanTek 3.6a for Yahoo and ASCII:

QuanTek 3.6a (Yahoo)    (in progress)

QuanTek 3.6 Installation: This version of QuanTek comes in an InstallShield installation file contained within a Zip-compressed folder. Just download and save the folder, then double-click on the Setup.exe file contained within it to run the installation. Or you can open the folder and run Setup.exe directly from the web site. After installation, please remember to keep all the files together in the same folder -- otherwise it will not work properly. (In particular, the Help file must be in the same folder with the StockEvl.exe file.)

Click here to download latest QuanTek 3.5c Help file:

QuanTek 3.5c Help    (Revised January 27, 2014)

Help file Installation: This is the latest update of the QuanTek Help file, which you can view by itself in case you do not wish to download the whole program, or replace an older version with the newest version. This is downloaded in the form of a Zip-compressed folder, which can be un-Zipped after download by double-clicking on it. If you then double click on the (QuanTek.chm) Help file, it will open in Windows Explorer and can be studied independently of the QuanTekprogram itself. Or you can move it to your QuanTek folder to replace the older Help file. Note: Do not unzip the folder using "Extract All..." or it will not work properly (for some reason).

Authorization: To run QuanTek with actual data, you need an Authorization Key. To obtain this, after you purchase the software, please choose a Pass Code of at least 7 characters (any keyboard characters except the double quote) and send it in an email to Omicron Research Institute. (Your first and last name, separated by a space, will be fine.) We will make you a personalized, encrypted Authorization Key using the version number, subscription expiration date, and your personal Pass Code, and send it back to you in an attached TXT file. You then copy & paste this encrypted Authorization Key into the edit box of the Authorization Key dialog, and your copy of QuanTek is now authorized! 

The QuanTek program has been extensively tested and debugged. If you have any comments or suggestions for improvements, or if you experience any problems or find any bugs, please send an e-mail to Omicron Research Institute.